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About No Balls

About us at No Balls

Performance sportswear that looks and feels great

Some years ago I took up running seriously, but couldn’t find active women’s sportswear in technical fabrics and attractive designs.

I went on a quest to find sports clothing for us women who are serious about sport but who want to look good at the same time. I found lots of sports supermarkets full of bargains and football clothes, but not much else.

NoBalls sportswear for women was born!

Attractive performance sportswear was difficult to find, but we’ve changed that. Most sportswear is classic in design - high necks, close fit, and limited shapes and colours. The alternative "fashion sportswear" incorporates trendy details but is mostly made in non-performance fabrics, so it gets damp when you sweat and takes a long time to dry, leaving marks and getting stiff and uncomfortable, thus compromising your workout. All No Balls sportswear, unique to this site, is ideal for running, fitness, the gym, yoga, pilates, training and triathlon.

All our action products are made in silky, stretchy technical fabrics. We use bamboo extensively, being natural, sustainable, anti-bacterial, and wicks away sweat. We call it "the greatest fabric known to woman". We hope you agree.


Sue Wallis

Founder & Managing Director

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