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Fabric for performance sportswear

No Balls is passionate about performance fabric for women's sportswear. So what exactly is performance fabric?

In a nutshell most sports activity, whether running, fitness or yoga, makes you sweat. Even walking further than you are used to or low impact sport makes your body work harder.

If you wear a cotton t-shirt while you run, the natural fabric feels good next to your skin when you start off, but as you sweat the fabric absorbs the moisture and keeps it there. If the air then cools, you can feel the chill and if it is hot, the fabric gets stiff as your sweat dries, showing obvious sweat marks. More importantly, you feel uncomfortable and will probably focus more on your discomfort than working harder!

What performance fabrics do is make sure that you stay as comfortable as possible by wicking (swooping) away the moisture next to your body to the outside of the fabric where it can be dried by the air. The fabric does not absorb the moisture, and so your skin can breathe. All of our women's sportswear is made from top quality performance fabrics which wick sweat and let your body breathe. Some of the fabrics we use, such as our bamboo range of sportswear, have additional properties .

About bamboo: the most amazing thing about bamboo is that it is completely natural and comes with all the benefits of a top performance fabric. Bamboo does not just wick sweat and let your body breath, it has temperature adjusting properties (cool when you are hot and warm when you are cool) and is naturally anti-bacterial. Our bamboo fabrics are woven especially for us and are ideal for women's shorts, capris, tops and underwear. The fabric has an amazing look and soft, silky feel and delivers all of the benefits of a top technical fabric, a great natural choice for all sport activities.

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