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About No Balls

Our philosophy

No Balls - performance sportswear that looks & feels great

Attractive performance sportswear is difficult to find, but we’re changing that.

Most sports clothing is classic in design - high necks, close fit, and limited shapes and colours. The alternative "fashion sportswear" incorporates trendy details but is mostly made in non-performance fabrics, so it gets damp when you sweat and takes a long time to dry, leaving marks and getting stiff.

With the launch of the first NoBalls range of active sportswear - unique to this site - we changed all that. This first range, our Core range is available for running, fitness & gym, and yoga & pilates.

Our Vivacious range offers stunningly attractive sportswear, but still offering top performance.

All our action products are made in silky, stretchy technical fabrics, which wick away sweat and keep you cool.

Our new Bamboo collection is soft, functional, and no sweat. It combines amazing technical excellence with inspired design, in the most resourceful fabric known to woman. Cotton is used for our cover-ups, for when you are warming up, cooling down or just want to feel cosy.

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