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No Balls launched in May 2007. I had just started to run and found it so difficult to find attractive, comfortable, performance sportswear, The more I looked, the more I thought there was a need in the market. In my research I went to hundreds of sportswear stores, and so many of them were full of stock for men and particularly football. One day when I got back from one of my trips I said to a friend that if I started the company I would call it No Football and he replied why not just No Balls – lady’s sportswear for non-ball sports!

In the beginning we sourced top manmade technical sports fabrics and designed more feminine pieces for fitness, running and yoga. People loved the styles but there was a growing market looking for a natural performance fabric. Traditionally if sportswear used natural fabrics it was cotton, but cotton is not a performance fabric. It is nice and soft to wear but absorbs sweat leaving unsightly patches and dries slowly leaving you damp or chilled.

Bamboo was an emerging fibre and when I looked into it I was completely amazed by its properties. It is breathable, sweat sweeping – taking moisture away from the skin, temperature adjusting – keeping you cool when you are warm and warm when you are cool, anti-bacterial – great for sensitive skin and no odour even if it is worn multiple times. It is also very eco-friendly as it is a prolific plant and grows in adverse conditions – requiring a fraction of the water to thrive than plants like cotton. It is also robust and naturally organic in that it does not require pesticides or fertilizers. I had found my natural fibre.

We went further and have actually developed our own fabrics with the textures we want to produce a variety of styles and fits, we currently have four bamboo fabrics and we are constantly developing more.

I design all the styles in collaboration with my lovely designer, Audrey, and we produce the products with family companies in Portugal who have become our friends.

We sell on line and through partners, both in the UK and Internationally, Yoga Studios, Pilates Studios, Retailers, Spas, Hotels and we are always looking for new contacts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to re-sell No Balls’ products.

We are always eager for feedback, good and bad as it helps us to get better and deliver products that you want to own and love.


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