Bamboo is a remarkable and versatile natural resource. Bamboo is prolific and robust and requires no fertilizers or pesticides to thrive, making it naturally organic. The yield per plant is 10 x better than cotton and it also requires a fraction of the water, making it a viable crop in countries where water is precious. Bamboo can be transformed into exceptional high performance, eco-friendly textiles, with amazing benefits to the wearer. All of our fabrics are woven especially for us to enable us to create a range of exceptional bamboo clothing including seamlessly engineered, body sculpting bamboo knits and soft and flattering 100% bamboo voile.

Bamboo's anti-static properties mean that it drapes beautifully and comfortably on your skin without clinging.

Bamboo's natural hypo-allergenic and anti-fungal properties are ideal for all types of sensitive skin.

Bamboo fabric sweeps sweat away from the skin and allows it to evaporate on the surface, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Bacteria cannot survive well on fabric made of bamboo, reducing any chance of odours, even after many days without washing, making it ideal for trekking, sporting holidays and events.

Bamboo clothing can cut out up to 98% of harmful UV rays, helping to protect the skin from sun damage.

The natural bamboo fibres actually expand and contract when the temperature changes, making the clothes cool when you are warm, and warm when you are cool.

No need to worry, bamboo used for bamboo fabric production is entirely different to that of a Panda's diet. There are over 1500 different types of bamboo plant, bamboo textile manufacturing companies use up to 15 different types of bamboo species. A giant Panda's diet consists of around 42 different types of bamboo.

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