Eco-Friendly Bamboo Clothing and Underwear – the benefits

For years the sports industry has been developing sportswear using manmade fibres in the search for the ultimate breathable, sweat sweeping, temperature adjusting, antibacterial and comfortable solution. Many of these clothes are treated to achieve the required result and after just a handful of washes the treatment fades.

All of this time nature already had the solution, bamboo, ready and waiting to be turned into the very best eco-friendly high performance clothing and underwear for yoga, pilates, gym, fitness and running. No Balls are now producing beautiful, high performance bamboo clothing from yoga pants and harem pants to bamboo underwear and a whole variety of yoga tops and jackets.

Bamboo Clothing and Underwear – it's amazing properties

Bamboo – the plant – ethical and robust

Bamboo is prolific – it is a grass and one of the fastest growing plants in the world - up to 2-3 ft per day in almost any environment from cold mountainous regions to hot tropical environments. It can be found in North and South America, East Asia, Northern Australia and Southern Africa.

Some examples of our bamboo clothing


Pink Grape
Bamboo Batwing Top

Bamboo Batwing Top - Pink Grape


Reduced from £42.00


Bamboo Seamless Soft Tank

Bamboo Seamless Soft Tank - White


Reduced from £34.00


White Black
Bamboo Yoga & Dance Crop Pant

Bamboo Yoga & Dance Crop Pant - White


Reduced from £49.00


Bamboo Harem Pant

Bamboo Harem Pant - Midnight


Reduced from £65.00


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