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Sport for all initiative hailed a success

Posted on 06-Apr-11

People of all ages, abilities and walks of life donned their gym clothing recently to take part in free sports sessions at the University of Nottingham.

Exercise 'keeps the heart young'

Posted on 05-Apr-11

Women who exercise regularly throughout their lives have stronger, healthier hearts than those who do not don their ladies fitness clothing often, a study has suggested.

Using own body mass 'is helpful in resistance exercise'

Posted on 04-Apr-11

Older women can benefit from donning their gym clothing and taking part in resistance exercises that include using their own body weight.

Progressive resistance training 'is good for seniors'

Posted on 01-Apr-11

Progressive resistance training can help elderly women to improve their strength in their ladies fitness clothing.

Diet and exercise 'reduces frailty in obese elderly people'

Posted on 31-Mar-11

Obese elderly women who want to improve their physical function should don their gym clothing and exercise, as well as eating well, research has suggested.

Exercise 'can reduce stress and help people sleep'

Posted on 30-Mar-11

Donning ladies fitness clothing and exercising more can help women to sleep better and reduce their stress levels, an expert has claimed.

Squat thrusts 'are a good exercise for the elderly'

Posted on 29-Mar-11

Elderly women can improve their balance by donning their ladies gym clothing and doing squat thrusts, an exercise expert has claimed.

Weight training 'is safe for pregnant women'

Posted on 28-Mar-11

Weight training in ladies fitness clothing is safe for pregnant women, a recent study has revealed.

Marathon running 'is booming'

Posted on 25-Mar-11

An increasing number of women are investing in ladies running clothing and taking up marathon running, one of the co-founders of the Brighton Marathon has claimed.

Redbridge women encouraged to don ladies fitness clothing

Posted on 24-Mar-11

A free outdoor activity weekend is coming up in Redbridge, offering women in the area the opportunity to don their ladies fitness clothing and get their hearts pumping.

Weight-bearing exercise 'is key to osteoporosis prevention'

Posted on 23-Mar-11

Women can prevent osteoporosis by donning their ladies fitness clothing and doing regular weight-bearing exercises.

Wandsworth women don gym clothing for new fitness studio

Posted on 22-Mar-11

A new fitness studio has just opened in Wandsworth, giving women in the area more opportunity to don their gym clothing and exercise.

Erewash Council encourages women to don gym clothing

Posted on 21-Mar-11

Women in Derbyshire are being encouraged to don their gym clothing through a special offer at four council-run fitness centres.

Predictions 'increase exercise levels'

Posted on 18-Mar-11

People will tend to exercise more than usual over the course of seven days if they predict at the start of that week how much they will work out in their gym clothing.

What gym-goers eat after exercise 'is important'

Posted on 17-Mar-11

Women should aim to eat healthy proteins such as lean meat and boiled eggs after they get back from a session at the gym in their ladies fitness clothing.

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