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Do we need to detox?

Posted: 07-Jan-10

If you google detox 11,800, 000 entries appear. It has become a real buzz-word in the health and wellness field.

Last year a dossier published by The Voice of Young Scientists concluded that "detox" as used in product marketing is a myth. I would agree with them on the whole, I believe that detox has become a very over-used and miss-used word, yet is it still vitally important for our health.

From a nutritional point of view detoxification is the biotransformation of harmful molecules, and is absolutely core to our physical and mental health. Lots of factors can inhibit the body's normal detoxification systems: Think of it like a set of scales, if we overload one side with too many toxins (from bad food choices, alcohol, environmental toxins and so on) without having enough of the nutrients that the detoxification systems rely on (antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids) on the other then the detoxification system will become unbalanced.

So what's the answer?

The simple answer is to reduce the toxins you are exposed to and increase levels of beneficial nutrients. You might be feeling the effects of a excesses over Christmas and New Year and plan to make amends in January, this is a great time to kick start a new health regime. The following tips will help:

Follow the above tips and you will be helping the body's natural detoxification systems and taking great steps towards a healthier you.

You can go even further with a nutritional detox programme. The liver is the primary organ of detoxification where biotransformation of toxins occurs in two phases. A well-designed programme will provide high levels of nutrients required for both pathways and fantastic way to enhance long term health, increase energy and improve mood and sleeping patterns. I am currently running a 3-week nutritional detox programme, which is fully supported and targeted to the individual. For more details email me.

So yes, our amazing bodies are perfectly well equipped for detoxification. However our modern day lives can mean we are over burdened and under resourced to efficiently detoxify. So we do need to think about supporting detoxification through our diet and our lifestyles, but do beware of products on the market which might be jumping on the detox bandwagon.

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