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Gorgeous High Performance Sportswear For Women




Sportswear Pants

Whatever type of bottoms you choose for exercising, it is important that they provide you with freedom to move as well as ultimate comfort. No Balls has an extensive selection of bottoms that perfect for the gym, including shorts, three-quarter lengths, and full-lengths.

Our range of bottoms made from bamboo fabric is an excellent choice when it comes to exercise clothing. This unique fabric provides moisture wicking, breathability, and superb comfort. Bamboo is an antibacterial fabric as well, so will help prevent odour and is an ideal option for anyone with sensitive skin.



Sports bras and accessories for all sporting activities.

Many women are unaware of the importance of sports bras for exercise. A good sports bra will provide comfort and support and will prevent damage to breast tissue. Working out without a good sport bra can cause back pain as well as breast pain, so it is imperative to choose one that offers the most support.
At No Balls, we have a range of sports bras made from our unique bamboo fabric, which will adjust to your body temperature and so ensuring that you do not feel hot and sweaty after your workout. This super fabric is ideal for wicking away moisture, allowing your skin to breathe.



Sportswear Jumpsuits

If the idea of a one-piece appeals to you for exercising, a jump suit is a perfect option. Jump suits are comfortable and flattering, and No Balls jumpsuits in unique bamboo fabric are an excellent choice because they are naturally breathable and provide freedom to move.
Our superb bamboo fabric will absorb excess moisture, and the antibacterial properties will help prevent body odour. Check out our stylish jump suits in a range of colours.
You will ooze style and sophistication when working out, and because the bamboo fabric adjusts to your body temperature, you will feel cool as well as look cool.



Beautiful range of womens sportswear tops.

There are many different types of top available for exercising including crop tops, short-sleeve tops, and long-sleeve tops. The common element that each must have is comfort. Body-hugging tops are the best choice for exercising, as these will not ride up as you move about and will feel comfortable while you are working out.

However, another important element when buying tops for exercise is the fabric from which they are made. No Balls has a range of sports and leisure tops in a variety of styles and made from super comfortable bamboo fabric, which absorbs moisture and provides breathability.


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