Ballet Barre Clothing Colour: Purple Plum

Take a look at our lovely high performance clothing for your Ballet Barre classes. Ballet Barre is a fitness class based around the exercises that dancers do to get fit. You shed your shoes (classes are done bare foot) and spend a wonderful hour focussing on your posture and feeling like a ballerina (even though you may not actually look like one!!) We have selected a number of dance inspired pieces to put you in the right frame of mind.



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Purple Plum Black White
Bamboo Strappy Bra

Bamboo Strappy Bra - Purple Plum


Reduced from £27.00


Purple Plum Potion
Bamboo Fancy Tank

Bamboo Fancy Tank - Purple Plum


Reduced from £36.00

Bamboo Seamless Briefs

Bamboo Seamless Briefs - Purple Plum


Reduced from £12.00

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